Opening Ceremony

Time & Date:
17:00-19:00 Sunday, Oct. 16
Main Hall

Worldsleep2011 would like to invite all delegates to the Opening Ceremony, featuring welcome addresses, Opening Lecture, and traditional Japanese Noh performance.

SHOUZOKU TUKI MAIBAYASHI a short extract from
Noh KANTAN (The Pillow of Kantan)

This concern a dream of glory experienced by Rosei, a young man in China who is wavering about what to do with his life. He awakes from a dream to find that fifty years of exultation were but the time it took some millet to cook. The notion of life as a transient matter, similar to a piece of a dream is the theme of this philosophical Noh play.

Welcome Reception

Time & Date:
19:00-20:30 Sunday, Oct. 16
Event Hall

Short Speech


Ig Novel Prize Winner
Makoto Imai, MD, PhD
Shiga University of Medical Science

Congress Party

Time & Date:
19:00-21:00 Wednesday, Oct. 19
Banquet Hall Swan & Garden

You may enjoy the fashion show by Eri Matsui.


ERI MATSUI is a cutting-edge wedding dress designer of international renown based in Japan. Famous for her mathematically- and scientifically-inspired designs, she is engaged in a collaboration with the computer software developers of "mathematica". She is listed in Wikipedia and has even appeared in scientific magazines such as "Nature" and "math HORIZONS."


Ever since ERI MATSUI began as a haute couture designer creating wedding dresses, she has been distinguished by a unique ability to embody in her designs the daintiness and beauty of Japanese brides. For this reason she has enjoyed ever increasing popularity among intellectual women with aesthetic sensibilities. She has designed many wedding dresses for prominent actresses for their movies and dramas, and for celebrities in many other fields of Japanese life.

ERI MATSUI also creates stage garments for top singers and artists, as represented by her recent work for "SHOUJO-JIDAI".
Her artistic line fascinates women everywhere.

Closing Ceremony & Award Ceremony

Time & Date:
16:00-17:00 Thursday, Oct. 20
Main Hall

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