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How to submit your abstract

Step 1:
Complete your registration to the Congress and get your Registration ID. To register to Worldsleep2011, please click here.
Step 2:
Access the on-line abstract submission page and submit your abstract. Your Registration ID is needed to complete your submission.
Step 3:
You will receive the automatic notice of abstract receipt.

Important Dates

Deadline for Early Registration
August 15, 2011
Notice of Abstract Acceptance
August, 2011
Deadline for Full Refund
August 31, 2011

*Please note that the registration is incomplete without payment.

Poster Presentation

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee, and the accepted abstract will be announced to the author by E-mail. The announcement will be made by August, 2011.

Abstract Symposia

  • The basic composition of the Abstract Symposium will be 1 organizer/chair with 4-5 speakers. Among those 4-5 speakers, 2 will be chosen by the proposer and the remaining 2-3 (each 15-30 min. presentations) will be chosen by the Program Committee from the Poster Presentations.
  • If you wish to present your abstract at a particular Abstract Symposium, choose "Poster Presentation" from the abstract submission page, and insert a number of the Abstract Symposium you wish to participate in.
Abstract Topics
  1. Neurophysiology
  2. Molecular biology
  3. Genetics
  4. Autonomic nervous systems
  5. Biological rhythms
  6. Memory and learning
  7. Dream
  8. Insomnia
  9. Sleep-related breathing disorders
10. Hypersomnia
11. Circadian rhythm disorders
12. Parasomnia
13. Neurology
14. Metabolism
15. Pharmacology
16. Sleep deprivation
17. Unusual environments
18. Shift works
19. Life styles
20. Sleep monitoring
21. Others

Trainee Symposium

The trainee symposium is a specialized 2-hour symposium. The speakers are selected from those who have submitted their papers to the poster sessions at Worldsleep2011. The selected submitters are invited to present their works at Trainee Symposium in addition to the poster sessions.
Aiming at providing selected trainees with an opportunity to obtain conference presentation experience and feedback in a formal yet supported environment, this symposium showcases the best trainee abstracts selected by reviewers of Worldsleep2011.

In order to be involved in this Trainee Symposium, candidates must comply the following clarifications:

All candidates must submit their abstracts for the poster session.
All candidates must complete their registration.
All candidates must show their intentions to present at Trainee Symposium by submitting this form to the secretariat by June 17, 2011.
All candidates must submit a confirmation note signed by their trainers along with this form.

Submitted papers are reviewed by a panel of experienced researchers, and best 12 (or so) papers will be selected as presenters at Trainee Symposium.

Selected presenters will

have 15 minutes to speak, plus an additional 5 minutes for questions and will also be provided general feedback from a panel of experienced researchers (privately).
also present their poster.

The result will be announced individually in August 2011.


The title of the presentation should be less than 140 characters (without spaces).
The text of the abstract should be less than 1800 characters (without spaces).


  • Any corrections to be made to your abstract will be your own responsibility.
  • If you find correction via the website to be difficult, please contact the secretariat with your abstract ID, which will be issued after the submission of your abstract, as well as the name of the presenting author of your abstract.

Ethical Affirmation

The contents of submitted abstract should be approved by their institutions' ethical committee.


Abstracts accepted at the Worldsleep2011 will be issued on the journal of Japanese Society of Sleep Research (JSSR), "SLEEP AND BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS (SBR)", after the Congress.

Travel Award

If you will apply for Travel Award, please see the page "Travel Award" and prepare necessary documents before submitting your abstract.

FAQ on submitting abstract

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